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Time to focus on the Project ‘Prioritization’ Challenge?

clock's ticking.jpgI was asked to present at the recent Project Challenge event at Olympia in London, and the organizer wanted me to talk about something a little different from the topics of project management; the PMO; and methodologies that a lot of presentations were focused on.

I’ve been working in the project & portfolio management (PPM) space for almost 17 years now, and I have seen a lot of businesses who are trying to improve their maturity over these years. I've met a number of people who think PPM is about software, but it is very much more than that...

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Measuring your way to failure?


There is a lot of debate about how to measure the performance of a PMO and why so many are undervalued. Too often the remit of the PMO is unclear, or they are just looked upon as an admin function... There is often no mention of business value being delivered from the project, or of its strategic alignment.

Is a project successful because it have been completed on time and on budget? No, that just shows good estimating.

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