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Strategy Execution and Sesame Street

Stuart Easton 2/27/24
sustainable competitive advantage

Einstein and the Strategic Advantage

Stuart Easton 3/29/22
Spreadsheets are not free

PMOs and the Saddest Excel Joke…

Stuart Easton 3/7/22
why megaprojects fail

The Meg – Why Megaprojects Fail

Stuart Easton 3/4/21
Strategic Alignment is the solution

Projects Fail - Blame the PM?

Stuart Easton 1/23/19
What is the point of PMO

What's the point of a PMO?

Stuart Easton 8/24/18
Success - PMO blogs .png

My Project Just Failed... or Did It?

Peter Houlihan 10/24/17

PMOs have super-powers!

Stuart Easton 8/23/17
do not disturb.png

Really quick wins for PMOs

Stuart Easton 11/12/16

Is your PMO guaranteed to fail?

Stuart Easton 3/12/16

Only 50% of PMOs survive. Fight back!

Stuart Easton 10/22/15

What has the PMO ever done for us?

Stuart Easton 7/11/15